All About Lily Plants

Lilium Plants informs you about everything related to the pot lily. Why? Because we want to tell you much more about this special plant.

How our growers grow their plants with passion. Advice on care, the latest trends and plenty of inspiration.

Be informed and inspired to get the best out of your pot lily. The more you get to know her, the greater the appreciation for the versatility of this plant.

The Lilium Plants potted lily is known for her breath-taking flowers, which are available in different varieties and colors. Will you choose a scented or unscented lily or would you prefer a non-pollen one?

The potted lilies of Lilium Plants serve all purposes and will provide you with an extraordinary bouquet of potted flowers: a treat to yourself or others.


Nowadays, we make conscious choices regarding sustainability and fair products. When buying flowers and plants, we also start to wonder whether these have been grown with respect for environment and animals.

The cooperating growers of Lilium Plants are all MPS certificated. These certifications specify the sustainability of their products’ growth-process and guarantee you that these operations comply with the requirements in terms environment, quality, and social aspects are respected within their nursery.

The growers of Lilium Plants, along with MPS, develop an improved interpretation of sustainable entrepreneurship. The products can be recognized by the MPS mark on the labels or packaging.

By buying MPS-certificated products, you contribute to an improved world for all of us.


Flowers are not only a lovely gift to give, but also to receive.

Flowers represent everything from emotion to a colorful message. Whether you are feeling happy or are not feeling like yourself, flowers brighten up everyone every time.

The potted lily also carries these emotions across as this spectacular flower emits a compelling and high-end aura.

The white lily has her own significance; she represents love, femininity, fertility, and purity. The perfect flower and finishing touch for every wedding.