Lilium Plants grower

Van Schie

Van Schie has a modern 5.5 hectare production site near Flora Holland Naaldwijk. Van Schie is specialized in the cultivation of exclusive potted lilies.  The products make their way to the living rooms, terraces and balconies in various countries in Europe. In addition to potted lilies, Van Schie also grows Chrysanne® pot chrysanthemums.

Van Schie supplies the majority of its products under the quality brand Decorum.

van schie

Lilium Plants grower

Wetering Potlilium B.V.

In the modern production site in Den Hoorn (Zuid-Holland), the diverse varieties of Lily Looks are being grown on rolling benches in an entirely automated system. The brand Lily Looks is owned by Wetering Potlilium. The potted lilies which are grown here, are intended for the European market.

Throughout the entire year, an extensive assortment of potted lilies in diverse colors and sizes are available.