Asiatic Potted Lillies

Asiatic potted lilies

If you are looking for a great variety of color options, then the Asiatic lily is the one to pick. Ranging from deep purple to yellow, spotted, uniform or multiple colored, everything is available.

Asiatic lilies have no fragrance. This is a perfect match for people who love lilies but are not fond of the specific lily aroma.

Generally, Asiatic lilies have smaller flowers, a shorter stalk and finer leaves compared to the Oriental varieties. There is also the variety of the Asiatic lily with double flowers.

Oriental Potted Lillies

Oriental potted lilies

The Oriental lily, with her impressive flowers, effortlessly add a wow factor to every home interior. The flowers can grow to be 20 centimeters wide.

Available in white, pink, red, lilac and every combination of these, the Oriental lilies show off their exquisite color. They are also recognizable by their characteristic sweet fragrance.

Oriental potted lilies also have a double-flowered variety, which has an extra set of flower petals, sometimes even six or more.

Double-flowered Potted Lillies

Double-flowered potted lilies

The unique line of double-flowered potted lilies has extraordinary positive qualities.

First of all, the double-flowered Oriental varieties have a soft fragrance, rather than the strong specific lily aroma. The Asiatic variety, however, is without fragrance.

Second, the stampers of the double-flowered varieties do not produce pollen, which is a positive and important advantage compared to the traditional lilies.

Last, the double-flowered varieties are very appealing and quite remarkable. Once the flowers are in full bloom, they resemble roses.