About Us

  • Lilium Plants is the initiative of 3 cooperating nurseries of potted lilies. They’ve joint forces in order to set up a marketing and advertisement campaign, with the aim to promote the ‘Potted Lily’ among consumers who are either not yet familiar with this product or are willing to be informed about and inspired by the potted lily.
  • The potted lily is known for her breath-taking flowers, which are available in many different varieties and colors. Will you choose a scented or unscented Lily or would you prefer a non-pollen one?
  • The potted lilies serve all purposes and will provide you with an extra-ordinary bouquet of potted flowers: a treat to yourself or others.

What do we do?

Lilium Plants informs you about everything regarding the potted lily. Why? Because we want to share this beautiful plant with the world.

How do our growers grow their plants with pride and passion? Advice on care, the latest trends and plenty inspiration.

Let us inform and inspire you to make the best of your potted lily. Once you get familiar with her, your appreciation for her versatility will only grow.