The potlily family; which one suits you?

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August 25, 2022
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October 19, 2022
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The potlily family; which one suits you?

Did you know there are many different lilies available in pots? A variety in flower shapes, colors, leaf structures, fragrant or not, pollen-free… A huge choice.

We can divide the species into 5 ‘families’; Asians, Oriental, Roselily, Longiflorum and LA. We briefly list the differences;

Pot lily Asiatic

If you like bright colors or exotic patterns, the Asiatic pot lily suits you perfect. An important characteristic of Asiatic lilies is they do not smell. The flowers are about 15cm in diameter and the plant has short stems with fine leaves.

Pot lily Oriental

Oriental pot lilies are available in white and many shades of pink, from soft pastel to deep dark red. She has impressive flowers up to a diameter of 20 centimeters and can be recognized by the sweet characteristic lily scent. The leaf is dark green.

Roselily in pot

Do you like lilies, but you hate the pollen that can stain? Then double-flowered pot lilies are really something for you! The Roselilie range consists of flowering plants in pink and white shades. The flowers have a light scent, less strong than Oriental lilies. An orange double-flowered pot lily is also available.

Pot lily Longiflorum

Longiflorum bears a number of white trumpet-shaped outward facing flowers. This white lily is also known as grave lily and is odorless.

Pot lily LA

The LA is a cross between Longiflorum and Asiatic varieties. This lily has large, slightly sweet-scented, upward-facing flowers. It is available in white and pink, as well as red and yellow.

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