Sustainable Tuesday – September 5

July 4, 2023
Keukenhof : 21 March – 12 May
March 5, 2024
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Sustainable Tuesday – September 5

There is an increasing realization that we have to be sustainable in order to make it as pleasant as possible for everyone in the world. The growers of your flowers and plants are also very conscious of this. How do we do that? We explain it below.

We use our energy as economically as possible. We have a WKK that turns natural gas into heat and energy. Our shed roofs are full of solar panels. We store excess heat in a very large hot water buffer and retain our heat in the greenhouse with the latest screens. We also use LED lighting that consumes much less energy than the lighting we used before.

The plants are watered via an ebb and flow system in which the excess water is collected, filtered and reused. The water we use is rainwater that is collected from the greenhouse roof in large water silos when it rains.

We use biological control. In our greenhouse, for example, you will find pots with soil everywhere in which our grower puts mosquito larvae. When these mosquitoes reproduce themselves, they lay their eggs on the plants where they find aphids. The new larvae feed on this and ensure that our plants remain free of aphids. This way we don’t have to use chemical pesticides.

And we separate all our waste. We have many different containers for separating waste: paper and cardboard, plastic sleeves, pots, other plastic, green waste and residual waste.