Lilies : the perfect flower for your summer garden.

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July 9, 2020
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September 17, 2020
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Lilies : the perfect flower for your summer garden.

The lily (Lilium) is also known as the crown jewel of your summer garden. They are majestic plants with so much personality that they always attract attention. The lily grows from a bulb and is available in beautiful colors, from delicate pastels to bright orange and deep red. There are even avialable in multi colored varieties.

Lilies in pots are a great choice to create a real summer garden. You can plant lilies in a huge pot for a bold touch or in a woven reed basket, for example. Or you can make a combination with other summer bloomers. Especially if you use different heights of plants, this gives an amazing effect. If you keep the soil moist, you can enjoy your potted bouquet for two to three weeks.

The advantage of potted lilies is that you can move them very easily if the chosen spot becomes a bit too sunny. Lilies love the sun, but prefer a shady spot if the sun is too bright.

Once the flowers have finished blooming, you can transfer the bulbs to a spot in the garden. Your plant will go in dormancy (dies back) in fall, grows back in spring and will flower again in summer. Then you will enjoy these fabulous flowers again next year and for many years thereafter!