Pollenfree Lilies?

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June 11, 2020
Lilies : the perfect flower for your summer garden.
August 19, 2020
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Pollenfree Lilies?

They exist and are incredibly beautiful!

Do you like lilies, but do you hate the pollen that can stain? In that case double-flowered pot lilies are definitely yours! No chance of stains on your clothes or carpet. When your plant is at your terrace or balcony, the flowers remain even beautiful after a refreshing rain shower.

The flowers have a light fragrance, much less strong than the well-known Oriental lilies. Many people find that an advantage too. More and more varieties and colors are available from this unique collection of lilies. Both in a vase and in a pot!

Double Oriental lilies (Roselily) are available from June to October. The orange Tiny Double is available from April till September.

Ask your florist or garden center!


When one of the flowers has finished blooming, it is best to cut it off so the lilium plant stays beautiful with the other flowers.

When all the flowers have finished blooming, you can plant the bulbs with the plant in the garden. The plant dies further and you will enjoy this double beauty again next year and the years after! Lily bulbs are hardy!

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